Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Halls of Night review

The second of the separate instances you can buy. The halls of night is a 3-man for lvls 40-75.

The hillmen of Angmar have found a mysterious cave where it is rumoured great riches lie waiting.
Once you go inside and touch the remains lying there, a surprise awaits you!

First thing you'll notice is that you got a color. These are used mainly in one of the boss-fights but otherwise just make you look fancy.

There's a few different trash mobs here, namely one that saps your strength/speed, one normal mob and one spirit-spawning tomb.
Once you get past the initial mobs, you'll get to the arena for the final boss, though you don't have to fight him yet. First you have to kill the other 2 bosses and you get to choose which one to take down first.


Both bosses, unlike being named quite fear-like don't really use fear at all so no pots are really needed.
The first boss is tank-and-spank, he'll make some weird damaging puddles, so try to keep him out of those.
The other one is more interesting, calling out a color that can damage him. The others who can't get to pound on spirits at the edge to get a damage bonus buff for the boss (once it's their turn to beat on him).

The final boss (back in the throne room) gets a rather large amount of adds so if you have trouble you'll want  to get rid of those tombs (mob-spawners) first.

On tier 2, he's just a bit stronger and you get the challenge not to kill some mobs, which is easy since they dont' aggro unless you go to them.

Price/Value: 1/5 (395 is quite a lot for a single instance. Again i'd wait until I had a way to cap.)
Storyline: 3.5/5 (A fun storyline though it feels a little disjointed at times.)
Atmosphere: 4/5 (Quite unlike other areas in the game. The downside is that there don't seem to be stars under you.)
Tactical: 3.5/5 (Not much in the way of tactics, it seems more could've been done with the colors.)

Overall score: 12/20

Again get this after you got everything else you want and at the least try and get a way to lvl cap first.
The biggest downside to these instances is they're rarely being run.

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