Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Before you turn away because of the title, wait!

I know many of you hate maths with a passion, but that's mostly because it's taught to you without passion.

In a lot of real life situations, maths can actually be helpful. Architecture, computer sciences, finances,... loads of stuff. For most people, maths only start shining in high school. It becomes interesting when it's applied to your field of expertise.

But there's the second reason maths doesn't get all the praise it deserves. It's hard to make it look attractive with all the weird symbols and such.
I could plaster an image here as an example, but I don't want to give you all a headache.

Anyway, one neat website I "discovered" is:

The great galaxy of Maths
I may seem a little too enthusiastic here (and no I'm not paid by them), but this site has been a great resource for formula's (with very decent explanations) or as a practising tool to keep my skills sharp.

Here's some of the features I like
-Badges: Gamification is all the rage. It serves as a system to track your progress as well as giving you an incentive to keep going.
-Videos: Almost each of the subjects has a guiding video attached to it. Having it explained a different way helps to learn new stuff.
-Applied: There's not just the base theory. There's several applied courses available as well. Ranging from biology to art history.
-Free: It's free to use the site. It's also not necessary to make an account, though then your progress won't be saved.

This website looks like it might save many people from sacking for maths.

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