Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How to get past Examining data (since RoR)

The Rohan launch hasn't been the smoothest in history (and not the worst).
A lot of people had trouble getting in game, since the launcher would get stuck at examining programs.

Some people suggested it was the update servers getting overloaded and while this seems plausible it isn't what was really wrong!

Finally, some attentive users found out that one of the .dat files was the cause and removing it would get it to update and get past the dreadful message.

Here's what to do:

1) Go to wherever you installed lotro (c:\program files\Turbine\The lord of the rings online for most) look at the files and try to find a .jnrl file

2) Create a temp folder and put in the jnrl file and the .dat file of slightly the same name.

3) Open the launcher and check if it gets past Examining data and start updating!
If this isn't the case, try removing every .dat file to the temp folder and put them back one by one (checking the launcher in between) until you find the offending file.

4) If you have a previous install somewhere, you can copy the old version of the .dat file to the main folder. This'll cut down on the download size.

5) If you get done, grats and have fun in rohan!

(On a sidenote, my offending file was client_highres_aux_1.dat)

Added part

It seems this doesn't fix it for all people, so here are some more things you can try. I know it gets annyoing if you're on limited connection/dl cap (I am as well). This might also work for people getting the 102 error.

-Move the Forward folder away
-Rename the Highres dat files
-Make sure all the .dat files are in your folder. They are:

  • client_anim
  • client_cell_1
  • client_cell_2
  • client_gamelogic
  • client_general
  • client_highres (optional)
  • client_highres_aux_1 (optional)
  • client_map_1
  • client_map_2
  • client_mesh
  • client_sound
  • client_surface
Now I'm not sure about this but I think that if they're gone lotro will just download a new file for you. If it doesn't, making an empty version using notepad might help. (haven't tested this.)

-If all else fails uninstall en install :(

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