Friday, September 7, 2012

Saruman the many-coloured

Lotro is a nice game for many reasons, but one that is mentioned the most is the lore. While some breaks from lore happen and others can't be avoided, there are times when you encounter something that makes you think "Turbine really did a good job on this one".

One such encounter (imo) is your meeting with the Wizard Saruman. While not strictly lore-friendly (though it isn't mentioned that others haven't fought him), his appearance and clothes are what really show that Turbine looks at their source material.

Saruman delivers us this characteristic line:
"White! It serves as a beginning. The white page can be overwritten. The white cloth can be dyed, and the white light may be broken."
He wears a white robe when seen from afar, but on closer inspection, you'll find him wearing something of many colours. It represents his downfall from chief of the order to his own (and partly Mordor's) team. Quite a literal interpretation of showing your true colours.

This is how he looks from a distance in game:

Looks white to me, though a bit dirty

Taking a closer look, we see:

Subtle rainbows
I like it when Turbine does stuff like this, they could have just made his robe white or plain many-colored, but instead they made this. (Yet of course there are always complainers. Can't please them, can we?)

Have you encountered situations like this where you found yourself surprised about the details in Lotro? Let me know in a comment.

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