Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Learning to code with CodeAcademy

Aside from playing Lotro, being a moderator for Pandimus and generally mucking about, I'm also a bit of a coder. Now if there's one thing I like to do it's learning more about it! That's how websites like this Code Academy fit in.

'Now why would anyone want to learn to code?' I hear you ask. Well, aside from the fact that you're learning something new, you learn (partly) how your computer works under the hood, or you get to mod stuff in your favorite game, or you can see it as brain training.
Either way, you can always get a book on the subject, but in the end, there's that having a a site like this is handy is good for a different amount of reasons.
Let's look at some of the features that make this site nice and fun to use.

As you can see from the picture, CodeAcademy features an editor with  interpreter, because nothing teaches better than actually seeing the things you learn in practice. It has an active error-checker, which marks most common mistakes as you make them. You can always ask for hints or check the QA or Glossary.

As of writing, you can learn basic Javascript, Python, Web-based coding (Html and css), the JQuery library and website creation. All of these courses are constantly under revision to improve them.

With each completed exercise, you gain points to increase your score, earn badges to show off and build up a streak that can go on for days. You can log in using your google , facebook or twitter (or a local account), or just try it out without one.

Even if you find coding dull (keep telling yourself that), it's hard to pass up on learning something you normally wouldn't.

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