Monday, August 27, 2012

Review: Draigogh's Lair

Time for my final review before RoR! Draigogh's Lair is a single raid in which you get to battle a real dragon! (All those before were drakes, no matter how much they looked like a dragon.)

For a single instance, Draigogh's Lair is quite costly at 795 tp's. It's also included in the Rise of Isengard Expansion (not quests). This is a 24-man (or 12-man when doing the challenge) lvl 75 raid instance, meaning that you can only access it when lvl 75, but that's not all.

Before the raid

After reaching lvl 75, just like with the other Isengard instances (and the Roots of Fangorn), you need to do some stuff to actually unlock the instance. For this raid, you need to take the  There is Gold in the Hills quest in Lagtrev. Once you've completed this quest, you can finally run it.

The instance starts with Draigogh looking for you through the holes, turning you into bbq when he sees you. After this preliminary little game, the real fight starts. I'm not going to write down the whole strategy here as it's quite complicated and this isn't a guide. At several stages in the fight, the dragon is vulnerable to conjuctions that, when using the correct ones, give out certain buffs and debuffs to make the fight easier.

Strategy requires everyone to be focused. Once you know the strategy (and can execute it correctly), the fight really isn't that hard


The reward of the raid are pretty good, giving tokens for the shoulder and helm pieces of the Draigogh armour set as well as several nice pieces of jewelry, worn symbols of celebrimbor, scales to be used in crafted cloaks and fused aged relics.

Overall 14/20

The instance is a nice one, having you go into a dragon's lair to kill it off. The battle itself is pretty epic and the rewards are nothing to scoff at. The only downside is the high price, which might make a lot of people consider to pass on this one. Once Rohan comes out, it'll probably have less-than-stellar rewards.

+Cool fight
+Decent rewards
-High tp price

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