Friday, August 17, 2012

Quest Pack Review: The Great River

South from Lothlorien flows the great river Anduin, which the fellowship followed until their splitting. Go past the edge of the woods, to fields of Pelenor and the border of the lands of the Horselords.

First up is the border of the Elven woods of Lothlorien. The  elves keep a tight watch to guard their realm. Of late there have been signs of trespassers, men from the guard post to the south and fouler beings. You'll help the elves scare away (which is kinda fun), clean up and hamper these intruders.
Heading south, you'll enter a large grassland, and head towards the outpost of Stangard, where an internal struggle is making the men unhappy. Quests here are varied, ranging from the usual kill, explore quests to more unique ones like feeding horses, manning watchtowers,... While it is possible to get the last few levels to cap in this area, it's more about the li exp,  reputation and equipment than about leveling.

Other zones include the old battlefield of Pellenor where restless spirits roam, a swamp, the brown lands (which are ... brown) and the

Limlight Gorge

The Limlight Gorge (or LG for short) in the western area of the zone is the main grouping area of the Great River area. It houses quests for the Heroes of the Limlight Gorge faction. All of these quests are marked as fellowship quests, as there are a lot of strong monsters around. Doing the daily quests here is part of the current endgame as the barter items have some nice jewelry. This zone also houses the entrance to the Roots of Fangorn instance, which must be discovered before it can be run through the instance join panel.

Roots of Fangorn (6-man)

This instance has you enter the edge of Fangorn to stop the orc intrusion and fight off the spiders that attack you. The first fight is tank-and-spank, though you'll have to watch out for the boss's special attacks. The second fight are 3 mini-bosses which spawn adds and a 4th of their kind. The final boss has many poisonous dot's that aren't removable other than by going into the cleansing aura of the tree roots. A nice instance which is currently run a lot.

Price/Value: 3.5/5 (Nice quests, good rewards, contains an instance. The future viability of this pack depends on what Turbine does.)
Storyline: 4/5 (Quests focus on story a lot here. The internal struggle in Stangard is a nice one.)
Quest Progression: 3.5/5 (Again with the instance technology. Quest progression is pretty straightforward, especially when following the epic.)
Atmosphere: 4/5 (Variation, great atmosphere.)

Overall: 14.5/20
The pack is definitely nice, featuring many quests, many solo instances and some nice scenery. Currently a must-have, unless with RoR they change the Great River to 65-75.

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